Success is Within You

On my journey to playing in the Olympics in Sydney 2000, I overcame a lot of obstacles – the biggest one was not having people around me to say “You can do it.” Fortunately, I didn’t rely on the belief of others. The only way I would know whether I could or couldn’t was if I kept going…. if I backed myself. I did keep going and did represent Australia at the Sydney Olympics in Beach Volleyball. On retirement, I struggled to believe in myself and my skills OFF the volleyball court. I stopped chasing dreams and what it is

It Starts with a Dream

The Olympics are over and for many; even their sporting careers are finished. For many athletes, the Olympics are a final destination – the end goal, and it’s time to start afresh. Hopefully those who retire have already been thinking about life beyond sport. For anyone, athletes or not, a big dream cannot be an end in itself. There must be a thought about what that big dream can lead into next. It is also time to dream again.

Finding the Right Motivation

Another friend of mine just qualified for the London Olympic Games – her first, representing Canada.  I am so happy for Marie-Andree Lessard, her story is one of persistence and discovery of what it takes to make dreams come true.  I had the honour of sharing part of her journey in aiming to qualify for 2008.  Unfortunately, she missed out that year and it brings up questions – how effective is all this ‘mindset’ stuff when sometimes it doesn’t work?

How Much do You Want it?

I am so proud and inspired by my friend, Olympic Gold Medalist, former team-mate and former nemesis, Natalie Cook, who has defied the odds and qualified for the London Olympic Games ( ) – her 5th, a record for an Australian women at the summer games. What kind of motivation does it take to make it to one Olympics, let alone five?   What drives one to go the extra distance?

Do you challenge yourself enough to win?

Less than 100 days to London Olympic Games and athletes are in training – some are aiming for Gold, and others are still working to make the team, to become an Olympian. What kind of training do you think you need to make it to the top in business or in your life?  Do you prefer to win against an easy opponent or to lose against someone who is better and challenges you? In times of competition I’m guessing that you would not be adverse to taking the easy win, but when the game or competition is in training, the