Why Are 74% of People Afraid?

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 74% of people have some kind of speaking anxiety – which translates to fear of speaking.  So, good news for those of you who suffer from Glossophobia (fancy name for fear of speaking) – you are not alone! Not so good news if you have Sociophobia and you would rather be alone. Fear of speaking ranks higher than Necrophobia (fear of death), Arachnophobia (spiders), and Acrophobia (heights). What is curious about the last three phobias I mentioned, is that there can be a REAL danger of getting hurt.   But, a Phobia actually refers

Change the record and get in the habit of Speaking

The thing that stops us from getting out and speaking are the same things that stop us from doing anything. OUR HABITUAL REACTIONS! Unless we are conscious of the present moment, and taking charge of how we intend to be, or feel then…. we are usually responding by habit.  These habits are like taking the same road everday and not realising there are alternate destinations OR playing the same record over and over again. It might feel safe, but is it getting you what you really want?