Why Questions give the Best Advice

Are you getting the wrong answers?  Are you listening to the wrong voice?  If you are listening to somebody else, then perhaps you are. I was coaching some girls in volleyball once, and saw one of them making an error.  Now, I could have gone up and told her what to do, and that might have done the trick – but I wanted her to learn how to solve her own problems, so that she could get a better understanding of the game. Instead of correcting her, I asked her questions to help her self-correct. Unfortunately, my efforts were foiled. 

Problems and You

Have you ever noticed that whenever you have a problem that there is a common denominator – you!  Whether you have a problem with a situation or with another person it’s time to really think about how you are causing the problem (or challenge) in your life. Many problems seem very real and they might even feel like you have no control over what to do, but just imagine if you did.  Imagine if you were making choices or decisions that were at least contributing to the problem.