Is Your Voice Being Heard Loud and Clear?

Did you know that different mindsets and thoughts about speaking will create different speaking experiences. Here are some challenges I see people have when speaking and possible causes or blocks that I have encountered working with clients, and see if you can relate. 1. Difficulty in projecting the voice – you no doubt have come across people that speak in a very quiet voice and that are challenged by speaking up loud enough to be heard. Did you know this is could be more about what the person thinks or believes about speaking, than any problem with the vocal chords. 

How do you get a YES?

I don’t watch a lot of TV shows (I’m more into movies) and with the TV remote to myself a couple of weeks ago I decided to check out Shark Tank. This is the show where entrepreneurs come on and pitch their products and business to high-profile investors.  I found it interesting from both an entrepreneurial perspective (I’m in a partnership that has a product in development) and more so as a speaker trainer. The entrepreneurs are seeking a YES to getting funding for their business in return for a percentage stake. so they need to present and sell themselves

What Inspires?

Speaking to groups is the best way to get your message, you business and your services out to more more people. It’s not not enough to have an audience, you now need to capture and hold their attention, you need to inspire them.
When you inspire, you help your audience members to make choices or decisions that align with your intention.

Dare to Stumble!

Do you ever stop yourself from taking action or even saying something, for fear of doing it wrong? This came up while I was chatting with friends a few weeks ago.  Someone mentioned the challenge of speaking up within a relationship, especially when there was conflict. Now this was something I could relate to, because I used to avoid creating conflict with loved ones also.  I still find it challenging, but I also know that being quiet doesn’t serve anyone. How I learned to overcome this challenge was by daring to stumble. Daring to not get it right – to

Don’t Wing It

I have heard people say, when it comes to an upcoming speaking opportunity, that they will ‘wing it’ or that they like to ‘wing it’ because then it will come out natural. Two things are wrong with this kind of thinking: That being prepared and even having a script prevents you being natural, and That this natural winging will be a good experience for the audience. Even if you only have 30 seconds to speak, which might be the case at a networking event, the more prepared you are… the more natural you can be. I recently made the mistake

How Much Can You Let Go?

Ok, so you are feeling confident now with getting up and talking to people….to some extent.  How confident are you?  Are you confident enough to really LET GO and be yourself on stage?  Are you confident enough to let go and be even bigger and perhaps more outrageous than you ever dared possible? At this week’s speaker trainer workshop I dared the participants to extend their range of expression.  To go beyond what they are comfortable doing – and in doing so, feeling more comfortable with just getting up and speaking. It’s the principle of overload that is commonly used

The Myth that Self-Promotion is Bad

“I can’t tell people about myself and what I do; that would be self-promoting!” I hear this a lot – both from clients and others.  Sometimes it comes out loud and clear and other times it is a more subtle thought pattern, hiding behind the scenes. Either way, a thought like this totally blocks your ability to promote or market yourself, and the problem here is thinking that self-promotion is bad. The MYTH is that All Self-Promotion is Self-Serving………….FALSE Yes, self-promotion CAN be self-serving and sadly, you do see people with this approach in marketing.  They are promoting themselves with

Why Are 74% of People Afraid?

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 74% of people have some kind of speaking anxiety – which translates to fear of speaking.  So, good news for those of you who suffer from Glossophobia (fancy name for fear of speaking) – you are not alone! Not so good news if you have Sociophobia and you would rather be alone. Fear of speaking ranks higher than Necrophobia (fear of death), Arachnophobia (spiders), and Acrophobia (heights). What is curious about the last three phobias I mentioned, is that there can be a REAL danger of getting hurt.   But, a Phobia actually refers