Step Into The Leader You Are

Everyone is a leader in some way, so are you being the best leader you can be, and are your peeps paying attention? “I’m not a leader,” you might think… but my bet, is that in some area of life you are.  Whether it is as a parent, as a role model to somebody or a leader in your community. There is more than one way to be a leader so don’t let any preconceived ideas on leadership stop you from stepping up and taking a leadership role when asked. All leaders DO NEED to have a level of confidence,

Claim Your SuperPower!

What if your perceived weakness or negative trait was in fact your very own SuperPower?  What traits or qualities do you have, and take for granted, that are in fact your biggest GIFT? It came to me last night as I was listening to Dr John DeMartini speak on values and embracing the good and the bad. My mind went wandering to other lessons and trainings of the past 8 years, including my recent work with the Fascination Advantages of Sally Hogshead. Back in 2006 at a large 3 day seminar, I became aware of my strong independent nature.  Independence

What’s your Style for Speaking?

The trick to being an effective speaker is to be yourself while still adapting to various types of people within your audience. You want to be connected with them and find a mutual bond. You have got to know yourself and be honest about that. The more you explore your own style, your strengths and your weaknesses, the more you are able to express yourself authentically.

How the World Sees You

To be a successful speaker you want to FASCINATE your audience, and now you can get the advantage on this with a gift. Branding expert and leading authority on the science of fascination, Sally Hogshead, has just published her new book How the World Sees You (July 1.) To celebrate the insights gained from a decade of research, she is launching Project Fascination with the goal of showing 100,000 people how their personalities add value. As a part of this project, she’s given me a special code to share with to you. The first 100 people who use it to