Imagine it!

Have you ever watched athletes in the minutes before they race or perform? They are preparing to perform at their best. What can you learn from them that will help you perform when you need to?

What Does It Take To Share Your Brilliance

There are 3 things to consider and address before you can really STAND out and share your brilliance through speaking. 1. Obviously, Speaking is one of those.  From what you say, to how you say it….it helps paying attention to details. The details of your message – the content, the stories, the segues and transitions to keep it flowing, and the introduction, the end…. And then there is the confidence and the way you deliver it.  All that is part of Speaking. 2. Before you can really Shine with speaking, it’s most likely you need to do some work with the Mindset.  That is point number 2.

Stand By Me

If you want to share your brilliance then you have big dreams and a mission to share with the world.  Most successful entrepreneurs have support of a team, and one your most valuable team-mates can be your partner.  But what if your partner is not on the same page with you? One of the more common issues I encounter with clients is how to cope when their partner is not so supportive of their dreams, their business or even in their personal growth. It can create a lot of problems for the relationship and for the individual who, through seeking

How can Practice Help?

Last week I received this question about the need for practice: “I’m comfortable with speaking in front of people and without a script BUT I hate practicing – whether it’s by myself or in front of others.  Do I really have to practice?  I feel only the ‘real’ experience is going to allow me to speak as I really want it.  Why practice if I’m not going to be repeating it the same exact way?” I talk a lot about preparing for a presentation so you can feel confident before stepping onto the platform and so that you can give

Just for laughs

When it comes to speaking on stage, it’s really important to define your style, to be yourself on stage, to be natural and authentic. If you are putting on a performance like an actor, then it’s really hard for people to buy into it. They buy into the performance, but really they want to know you, they want you to take your mask off. Therefore, it’s about finding and defining who you are, who you want to be. One area where people really try hard is with humor. Injecting humor into their presentation. I’ve seen some speakers who have been

Showing up the Way you Want to

Coming from a sporting background, I see many correlations between performing in competition and performing in business and on stage, when speaking. When it came to showing up for my beach volleyball games, I wanted to do everything I could to ensure a win.  That meant leaving nothing to chance. That meant preparing mentally, as much as (or even more than) I did physically. When it comes to presenting or speaking, are you working on your mental game?  Are you prepared to go out there and ‘rock’ your presentation – to win fans and get clients? Your thinking and emotional