Stating the Obvious – Use it!

I want to talk about something that stops a lot of people from getting out and speaking, and something that people think is a liability can actually be used as an asset. And it’s about drawing attention to the obvious. For example, I broke my wrist and I’m actually speaking a couple of days in front of a live audience. Now, I can could have said “No” or wait till it had gotten better. Or, I could go out there and speak and pretend that everything’s fine. That is probably not going to work, everyone is going to be thinking,

Change the record and get in the habit of Speaking

The thing that stops us from getting out and speaking are the same things that stop us from doing anything. OUR HABITUAL REACTIONS! Unless we are conscious of the present moment, and taking charge of how we intend to be, or feel then…. we are usually responding by habit.  These habits are like taking the same road everday and not realising there are alternate destinations OR playing the same record over and over again. It might feel safe, but is it getting you what you really want?

Dare to Fall

The moment had arrived- snowfall in Lake Tahoe and we were off.  Off and away from the unchanging warmth of Maui to the snow-covered town near Reno to visit our friends and to go snowboarding! The snowboarding was my husband’s idea who assured me I’d love it. I had only been on skis twice before, so it was as good as a time as any to switch over and learn something new. When is the last time you did something for the first time? Can you remember how strange it felt? The body and mind has no frame of reference to refer back

If it has to mean something, make it rock!

Have you ever stopped to think about all the meaning you are placing on everything that might happen in your day?  The look on someone’s face? A word? Pain?  Even this time of year, Christmas, brings up different meanings based on your upbringing, your religion, and own experiences. Often we create misunderstandings with friends, family and loved ones because of the meaning we place on looks, words or even silence.  We create these stories in our head and we are convinced they are true.  Think about it, when you have done this. There was a time when I would feel