Success is Within You

On my journey to playing in the Olympics in Sydney 2000, I overcame a lot of obstacles – the biggest one was not having people around me to say “You can do it.” Fortunately, I didn’t rely on the belief of others. The only way I would know whether I could or couldn’t was if I kept going…. if I backed myself. I did keep going and did represent Australia at the Sydney Olympics in Beach Volleyball. On retirement, I struggled to believe in myself and my skills OFF the volleyball court. I stopped chasing dreams and what it is

It Starts with a Dream

The Olympics are over and for many; even their sporting careers are finished. For many athletes, the Olympics are a final destination – the end goal, and it’s time to start afresh. Hopefully those who retire have already been thinking about life beyond sport. For anyone, athletes or not, a big dream cannot be an end in itself. There must be a thought about what that big dream can lead into next. It is also time to dream again.