Why Questions give the Best Advice

Are you getting the wrong answers?  Are you listening to the wrong voice?  If you are listening to somebody else, then perhaps you are. I was coaching some girls in volleyball once, and saw one of them making an error.  Now, I could have gone up and told her what to do, and that might have done the trick – but I wanted her to learn how to solve her own problems, so that she could get a better understanding of the game. Instead of correcting her, I asked her questions to help her self-correct. Unfortunately, my efforts were foiled. 

Finding the Resources Within

It’s amazing what we find we can endure or find the ability to do, when we must.  There is this abundant power within that is driven from need.  For example, you have probably heard of times when someone finds superhuman strength to lift a car (or heavy object) to free someone trapped.  We are incredibly resourceful, and sometimes it takes a challenge to discover how resourceful we are. This resourcefulness can be the difference between winning in life or not. My sister just celebrated her birthday, and it’s a big celebration of life.  She has just completed a tough round

They Said it Couldn’t Be Done

Andy Murray finally did it.  He won a Grand Slam tennis title after playing in his 5th slam final.  Did you ever wonder if he was ever going to do it? Since 2006 there have only been 4 men that have won the Grand Slam titles.  All of the honours go to the top 3 (Federer, Nadal and Djokovic) and only Del Potro broke that record in 2009, and so the odds are in favour of one of them doing it again. Do you ever think of your own goals like this.  The odds are not in your favour, so

The Solution is NOT the Problem

Last week I was asked ‘what is the biggest mistake people make in starting a new business’ and my response was “Not asking for help.” There is so much information freely available these days in seminars, books and online, that it can be easy to think that you have all you need to make things work.  However, it doing something new you are bound to come up with your own unique problems.  When we try to solve our own problems, we are working with the same brain that caused the problem in the first place.  It helps to get a

It Starts with a Dream

The Olympics are over and for many; even their sporting careers are finished. For many athletes, the Olympics are a final destination – the end goal, and it’s time to start afresh. Hopefully those who retire have already been thinking about life beyond sport. For anyone, athletes or not, a big dream cannot be an end in itself. There must be a thought about what that big dream can lead into next. It is also time to dream again.

Do you challenge yourself enough to win?

Less than 100 days to London Olympic Games and athletes are in training – some are aiming for Gold, and others are still working to make the team, to become an Olympian. What kind of training do you think you need to make it to the top in business or in your life?  Do you prefer to win against an easy opponent or to lose against someone who is better and challenges you? In times of competition I’m guessing that you would not be adverse to taking the easy win, but when the game or competition is in training, the