The Myth that Self-Promotion is Bad

“I can’t tell people about myself and what I do; that would be self-promoting!”

man-announce-02I hear this a lot – both from clients and others.  Sometimes it comes out loud and clear and other times it is a more subtle thought pattern, hiding behind the scenes.

Either way, a thought like this totally blocks your ability to promote or market yourself, and the problem here is thinking that self-promotion is bad.

The MYTH is that All Self-Promotion is Self-Serving………….FALSE

Yes, self-promotion CAN be self-serving and sadly, you do see people with this approach in marketing.  They are promoting themselves with a focus on their own profit and gain.

That doesn’t mean that self-promotion is bad and you shouldn’t do it.  Let’s flip it.

If I know you, as I think I do, you want to serve others.  You have a product or service that can help other people.  Perhaps you even have a vision to make the world a better place; to make a difference.

Whatever way you want to serve others, you cannot do it without telling people about it.

Seriously, how are people meant to know what you do and how you can help them unless you tell them?  Unless you do promote yourself!

Self-promotion = Service to Others

When you promote yourself with the mindset and heartset of Service, with the other person in mind, then how can that be bad or wrong?

In fact, the reverse is true.

Not telling people how you can help them; not self-promoting – that is selfish.  That’s just plain mean!

Holding back your secrets, your knowledge, your experience, your programs and services that could help someone get ahead in life.  As I say to my clients – “How dare you NOT promote yourself?”

Now I’m not talking about speaking to everybody and anybody about what you do.  Then you might actually be seen to be self-promoting.

When you have service in mind, you will find yourself speaking to the people that need you (and want you) most.  Good rapport and communication skills will help you self-promote the right way to the right people.

Putting self-promotion in a different light might be enough to help you.  I hope so.

Sometimes you know something (like eating too much sugar is bad) and yet you can’t quite shake the old habit.  Often that old thought pattern keeps rearing up, like a little voice in the back of your head.

This is where I get the greatest gratification in my work with clients – helping to identify the voices and thought patterns that block them from sharing their message and helping the people they were meant to help.

What’s your inner voice saying about promoting yourself?  Could you tell more people about what you do and what you are good at?

If you have ever experienced this and perhaps even turned it around, please leave a reply and share below..