They Said it Couldn’t Be Done

Andy Murray finally did it.  He won a Grand Slam tennis title after playing in his 5th slam final.  Did you ever wonder if he was ever going to do it?

Since 2006 there have only been 4 men that have won the Grand Slam titles.  All of the honours go to the top 3 (Federer, Nadal and Djokovic) and only Del Potro broke that record in 2009, and so the odds are in favour of one of them doing it again.

Do you ever think of your own goals like this.  The odds are not in your favour, so why bother trying?  How do you break into the top 3 or the top 10 in your own industry?  Can you do it, when nothing you have done up to this point suggests that you can?Lots of questions, and I don’t really have the answers for you.

What I can say, is that all winners and achievers have done so by daring to dream beyond what is thought to be possible.  Dreaming beyond the status quo and believing it to be possible.

Circumstances do change, and you can take charge of that change now by choosing to change how you think about what is possible for you.  Besides changing the size of your dreams, you might need to make some other changes.

You might need to change your beliefs about what you can and can’t do.  You might need to uplevel your skills or learn completely new ones.  You might need to work out what your strengths/gifts are to be able to focus on them, while making sure your weaknesses don’t let you down.  You might need to develop new habits.

Let’s look at what Andy Murray did.

He got a coach.  Not just any coach.  A former player who had done what he wanted to do.  Ivan Lendl had also struggled to get that breakthrough win in Grand Slam tennis, and when he did went onto win 9 times and dominate the number one position for 5 years.

This is not a tennis history lesson.  The point is that Murray thought he could learn best from someone who knew how to overcome the challenges he had, and knew how to win.

I’m not sure what Murray worked on specifically but I’m guessing he would have worked on his mindset as well as his technique and physical fitness.  Lendl would have worked out what was the best and easiest way for Murray to win, to give him the winner’s edge.

Watching Murray play, you could see him play with increased confidence – did this come from his Gold Medal at the London Olympics?  Did this confidence come from a new found self-belief that he could win against anyone if he played well?

Be inspired by feats like this and consider – “if he can do it, I can too!”  I don’t mean win the US Open or even a tennis match.  I mean you can beat the odds and come out on top in whatever you set your mind to.  How high do you want to go?

Be sure to leave a comment on what you thought of Andy’s big win and what that means for your own success.