What are you afraid of?

man-afraid300I was discussing with a client how our actions are influenced by our emotional state, and how often that emotional state, if negative, can be based on fear.

Do you know how much of your behaviour and the way you feel is run by fear?  I’m not talking about the kind of fear that freezes you, makes your heart speed up (or stop).  I’m talking about a more subtle fear that you are not even aware of.  It could just show up as a different emotion – anger, sadness, disappointment, frustration, etc.

Next time you get angry or frustrated, be curious about what you are afraid of.  By identifying your fear you are more easily able to overcome it.  Just like a medical problem, it is better working with the root cause, rather than the symptoms.   Fear could show up in your behaviour – for example, what kind of things do you have avoid?  Conflict?  Speaking up?  Checking your finances? Asking for money?  Following your dreams?

Again ask yourself, “What am I afraid of?”

Your habitual actions around money could also be an indication of your fears.  Someone might shop frequently and buy things to provide for a need, and I’m not talking about buying food for the need for survival.  They might need to feel loved, or to feel worthy.  These needs can reflect an underlying fear.

Most people have some fear when it comes to money – whether it is spending it, not having enough, not knowing what to do with it if they did get it, not understanding it.  What is your fear around money?

In Course of Miracles, it describes how there are largely two emotions – love and fear, where Love is the only true emotion, and fear is an illusion.

By gaining clarity on what you fear, you can start to let go and release it, so that you can have choice in how respond to a situation.

When you respond with habitual fear, you are limiting yourself to a choice of ONE i.e what you always do.  Many people think that their habits are them, that they can’t change, and in doing so have cut themselves of choice.  When you open yourself up to the many choices of how you could respond to a situation, then you start to ‘create’ your life, rather than allowing life to create you.

A champion mind is curious about learning and is on a path of continual improvement of themselves and their lives.

When I work with clients, I go deep to discover the underlying fears that are holding them back in life.  It’s not easy to do it on your own, as you are often caught in the problem, and you won’t find the answer or the solution there.

If you are not fully experiencing the results you desire, breaking through your fears and blocks can propel you forward and upward to a new level of experience.

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  1. Thanks so much for the reading…. this has helped me identify my fears and look at options of moving forward…Fear is an illusion where Love is a real emotion…love that…

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