What are you deciding today for your tomorrow?

I was thinking back to my school days and going on a school camp out into the ‘bush’ near a dam.  One day we were at the water’s edge which was pretty muddy, so a teacher suggested some mud-wrestling.  I was matched up against another girl, had no idea how to wrestle properly and found myself about to lose. I was face down looking at the mud and was wondering – how did I get here?

Do you ever think about your own situation and feel like you’ve got nowhere to go and loss is inevitable? Do you ever feel ‘stuck’ and no matter what you do you can’t seem to get ahead?

For some it can be easy to just give up, accept the loss and let it become the story of one’s life – this is how it’s meant to be, and nothing can be done about it.

And note, at any level of success it is possible to still be limiting oneself to the status quo.  As Einstein said, “We are all boxed in by the boundaries of our thinking.”

It is a mistake to think that just because life or a situation has been a certain way, that it has to continue like that.  Too many people let the past dictate the future.  They let past results decide how the future will be. They let past income determine current and future income. They let past experiences influence what they are capable of and even what they dare dream to achieve in the future.

What if the past was just that – the past!  What if today you decided how the next week, the next month and your future will be. It starts with a decision.  What do you want?  Get clear with this and make a firm decision on how you want things to be.  There is a difference between hoping things will work out, and deciding it will.  Think about it and see and feel the difference.

When I came back to Hawaii after my last Australian visit I decided it was time to create new opportunities in Maui.  That decision, back by commitment, made me take action – phone calls, seeking networking opportunities, hosting a presentation….. The decision and action has produced results attracting more speaking opportunities and more clients. What could decision, backed by a commitment, and action do for you?

As I was looking at the mud, I decided that I was better than this, that I shouldn’t be here losing to this girl.  I decided that I was a champion, and approached this match with a renewed energy.  It wasn’t over, yet!

I found my strength and quickly got her off my back and in a very short time had her down in the mud.  I spared her the face plant and I was declared the winner.

What results would you like to create in your life?