What are you waiting for?

Game ChangerI had an interesting discussion the other day, and it was one I had heard before.  It’s the discussion about whether or not to hire a coach NOW, or wait until one is ready.

People have different criteria for being ready.  An obvious one is Financial, having the funds to invest in coaching or training.  Other reasons (or excuses) include Time and, the one that came up the other day, Current Level of experience.

Now this latter one can be valid for some trainings and coaching that require a certain level of skill or qualification to participate, but for the most it’s in one’s mind.

It’s akin to the perfectionist who keeps putting off starting a business until everything is perfect.

You see a coach’s role is to take someone from where they are to where they want to go.

From ‘A’ to ‘B’, filling the gap.

‘A’ is relative to the individual but I have talked to speakers, athletes and entrepreneurs that have put ‘A’ as being something they have to achieve first – to get more experience, read more, or be further along some imaginary time continuum.

Meanwhile, time keeps slipping by, without realizing what that time is costing us.

People will try to save money and get their training through all the free stuff that is out there, and then through experience and personal lessons – again not realizing what this is costing them.

Now look, I’m not against free training, and I have both taught and taken plenty of them.  Just know there is a limit to what you get and that you are missing out on the important details.  “God is in the details” or…

“Excellence is in the details. Give attention to the details and excellence will come.”  Perry Paxton

Investing in training and coaching to get detailed attention and new skills has made the biggest difference to my life, and I know it has to countless others I have met and taught.  I know if I hadn’t taken a leap of faith to invest in myself from 2006 onwards, then I would still be doing what I was doing back then – perhaps repeating the same cycle and mistakes over and over again.

I was all ready with refinancing to purchase an investment property, and instead I spent $18K on personal development courses.  I continued to invest in further trainings and opportunities, not wanting to have an excuse for failing.  Not again.

In my International Beach Volleyball career I had seen fellow athletes that went the extra mile to invest in coaches and extra training.  That meant the difference between being an Olympian and being an Olympic Gold Medalist!

It all comes down to what you want, how much you want it and what you’re prepared to do to make it happen. (Tweet this)

Speaking ResultsTraining taught me new skills and opened up new possibilities.  Coaching kept me on track giving me feedback and support along the way.  Both led me to path of purpose, vision and passion, and even led me to my husband.

If you are serious about reaching your goals, creating success and accelerating your progress, then find the right people to support you.  Be prepared to invest your time and your money to get the return you desire.

If you are not ready financially, then your next step is to find the resources so that you CAN invest sooner than later.

If you don’t have the time, how can you make time?  It comes down to priorities, which I wrote about in Sharpen the Axe.

If you still think you are not ready…. just check in with yourself and see if that is really true.  Find a coach, teacher or support that will suit where you are now.

Having someone on your team that believes in you, supports you and gives you a little kick if needed, can make a big difference. Please share with us your experiences with coaching and training – was it a worthwhile investment?

You are brilliant, so dare to shine!


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