What do you expect?

The Olympics is in the mind of most people I know and we are already getting to see a mix of results – some exceeding expectations, some stumbling and performing below their potential and some going to do exactly as they planned.  There are so many factors that can affect performance on the day, and if it was just physical then there would be no upsets.  Mental preparation is key to perform to expectations.

But what about those expectations in the first place.  Expectations can also determine the effort and investment one makes in meeting one’s personal best.

I’ve talked about the importance of desire and purpose to drive you towards your goal, but what inspires you to set your goals and expectations?

What inspires one person to aim to participate in the Olympics, and another to dream to win Gold?  What inspires one to run a small business and another to run an international chain? What causes one to limit what they are capable of?  What inspires your goals?

Our abilities and what we are capable of are all in our mind, and we are programmed quite early in life to believe what we can, and what we can’t do.  Some kids are told that they will never amount to anything – one kid will believe it and never try to make good, and another kid will hear the same thing and endeavour to prove them wrong.

I know personally that while I had a big dream, the Olympics, that I also stopped myself of dreaming of a podium finish.  I had a self-imposed limit on how successful I could be.  I had put myself in a box and not even given myself a chance to elevate out of that box.

Truth be told, it annoyed me when I saw other people succeeding outside of my ‘box’ (how dare they?) and it kept me focused on what I couldn’t do, and my limitations.  I kept reinforcing my ‘box’ every time I thought about it.

By limiting my dream, I also limited what I was prepared to do for my dream.  I limited my investment in coaching and other training that would have helped to take me to the next level.

I didn’t know this at the time of course, and athletes competing in London now are all thinking they did everything they could in preparation for their competition.  They did, and it’s only later as they expand their idea of what is possible for them, that they might consider what else they could have done.

You could be thinking you are doing everything you can to reach your goals and I’m curious:
1.     Are your dreams are big enough?  Often when our dreams are bigger, the small ones become easier.  “Shoot for the moon so you can hit the stars” will help you to let go of attachment to achieving your specific goal.  The higher you aim, the higher you go – if you want to.

2.    Do you believe in your dreams – do you fully believe you can achieve your goals?  If you don’t believe, then you will sabotage your efforts.  Work with somebody to change the B.S. (belief systems) so you can allow your success to happen.

3.    Are you making it happen? Sometimes you need to be brutally honest and what you are doing and question.  Is it enough?  Is it appropriate to the level of success you want?  Could you be doing more of something, or doing something differently.  Remember, it’s not always about working harder.  Find the distinctions that can make the difference for you.

Since studying the power of the unconscious mind to make dreams become reality, I have lifted my expectations of life and am continually stretching myself.  I’m living and playing in a much bigger box and am now curious about what is outside of my own current limits of thinking.  I hope watching the athletes performing in London inspire you to consider what is possible for you?  If they can do it – what can you do?

I love helping people get in touch with their dreams and going beyond them.  It is hard to see the limitations of your thinking when you are sitting inside them.  It’s all you know.
If you would like help expanding your dreams, believing in them and making them happen, then please contact me.