What do you REALLY REALLY want?

Goal settingWith Christmas and New Year (and my birthday even, hint hint) it’s a time when you might get asked “What do you want?” It’s a question I often pose to my clients as we enter a new year to consider goals and vision for one’s life, business and success.

It can be a tough question for some. I know I have often struggled with getting really clear on my goals at times, and have found myself going round in circles without a clear focus of direction.

Here’s the truth: The times that I have been absolutely clear with what I really wanted to do with my life and experience, are also the times that I made my biggest leaps in progress.  Goals became easy to achieve because I was on one path and knew where I was headed, or wanted to go.

Those times spent going in circles were not wasted.  They provided the opportunity for me to figure out what direction I really wanted to go.  They helped me to see what I didn’t want to do, have or be.

Things that can get in the way of what you really really want:

  1. Lower Expectations – Some people resign themselves to what is or what should be, rather than thinking about what they really really want.  Pretend if you have to, to break through new limits of what is possible for you.
  2. Belief Patterns – Beliefs are set from an early age, and rarely change unless one pays attention to them.  Lack of belief in one’s own ability, skills or knowledge can stop one from chasing certain dreams, goals or even learning opportunities.  A belief that you should only make enough money to get by, and no more, will limit one’s ability to create financial freedom.
  3. Lack of Attention –  Many people don’t even stop to ask themselves what it is they really truly want.  Life just keeps going and unless you stop and make some time to review and plan………. well then, nothing changes.
  4. Someday – Planning to have or do something ‘someday’ is usually a plan for failure.  This just holds the goal out in the future, never to be attained. That’s not to say I don’t have a someday list.  I just know that those things won’t happen until I get serious about them and transfer them on to a more specific list with a date and commitment to make them happen.

So how do you get clear on what you really really want so that you can have a successful and fulfilling year ahead?

Imagine it!

Imagine your FutureUse your imagination to envision the year you really want.  See, feel, hear and think the year ahead, just like you would for the year that’s just gone by.  Imagine how the year unfolds – what are you experiencing? what kind of relationships are you having? How is your career?  Where are you most successful?

By imagining it you get to try it one for size and see if it’s what you really want.

Wondering if you can multi-focus and get 3 projects off the ground?  Have a look and see how juggling it all will work out?  What does it really look like?

Wondering what option to take from 2 or more career choices? Imagine each one with as much detail as possible to get a feel for it.

Got a blank canvas?  Let your subconscious fill it with your deep heart desires to step outside your comfort zone a little in 2015.

With all of this, stay focused on what you DO want, rather than what you DON’T want.  By imagining your future, you are creating memories that are as strong and real as the memories of your past.

Career, relationships, travel, health, adventures……  Get clear on what it is you really really want and then go make it happen.  Stay focused and you can only succeed.

Happy Holidays my friend…

Remember – You Are Brilliant, Dare to Shine.

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