What Does It Take To Share Your Brilliance

There are 3 things to consider and address before you can really STAND out and share your brilliance through speaking.

1. Obviously, Speaking is one of those.  From what you say, to how you say it….it helps paying attention to details.

The details of your message – the content, the stories, the segues and transitions to keep it flowing, and the introduction, the end….

And then there is the confidence and the way you deliver it.  All that is part of Speaking.

2. Before you can really Shine with speaking, it’s most likely you need to do some work with the Mindset.  That is point number 2.

The mindset is what can block you back from fully expressing yourself, on and off the stage.  It can stop you from feeling comfortable about speaking, or speaking on certain subjects, or moving freely around the stage.

Most importantly it can STOP you being authentic – and that is so important for a speaker, to be AUTHENTIC.

When I’m working with a client, I am always looking at their thinking – how they are thinking about themselves, about speaking, about expressing themselves…..anything that can hold them back.  That is where I start before I even begin looking at their speaking skills.

3.  Thirdly there’s the Business  – whether you are in the business of speaking or you are using speaking to build your business.

It’s one thing having the confidence and skills to speak, it’s another thing having the know-how for business and the commitment to go out and market yourself and create the opportunities so you are speaking to the people that NEED to hear your message.

I encourage you right now to JOT down some specific points that you could improve upon within these 3 areas – Mindset, Speaking and Business.  What could work upon to take yourself and your speaking to the next level so that you can really SHINE?

You can always contact me to help you in those areas, or if you haven’t do so yet download the free gifts (top right hand corner of this page).

Remember, you are Brilliant.  Dare to Shine!