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Speaker TrainingI have been building a successful coaching practice over the past 6 years and I was feeling ready to develop my professional self to the next level. After speaking with Annette I knew immediately she could help me develop my own keynote speaking skills further.

I had avoided doing anything about it in the past because the daily to-do list was long and I had found myself caught in a place of complacency. Now it was time to ‘bring it on’ and Annette has helped me build the confidence to do just that.

One of the most significant learning points for me was how to use a structure to organize my thoughts.  Annette really listened to me and helped me to see the many small things that I could be doing to make my message clear and impactful.

She also helped me understand the roots of my complacency in being the best I can be…understanding and pushing through this very basic road block has led me to being more assertive and intentional in how I present myself – this is proving to be a game changer for myself and my business.

Lynette Rumble Principle AIM Coaching, www.aimcoaching.ca

Addendum:   I just have to share with you my deepest gratitude.  Our short time together, really sent me on a search these past weeks…and this process became more work than I thought and evolved into a deeper reflective process than expected.  Now that I have my story on paper I feel really confident about putting it into a bio format and even more confident about weaving it into the keynotes and presentations that I do.


BarbyogalignThe self-empowerment and speaking skills that Annette Lynch teaches in her Speaker Training Workshops are not only for Speakers, they are for Everyone!
Annette helps to empower you in every way so that in whatever context your words are delivered, the very core of your message will be translated through the brilliance of your uniqueness.
We live in a world of seemingly endless rhetoric… you hear it everyday blah.. blah… blah… lots and lots of words…. everywhere! But how many of these words have the ability to truly engage us in what is actually being said? Annette teaches you how to bring the power and meaning back into your words through helping you to recognise and connect to the ‘expert’ within.
If you are looking to define yourself and your message, and are wanting to make a clear and powerful statement… Annette has the tools and the insight to set you on that path.
Barb Utech, Registered YogAlign Teacher – Maui, Hawaii & Gold Coast, Australia


Without Annette’s insight, skill and coaching my last presentation could easily have been a disaster. I’m not a natural speaker and have never been entirely comfortable with it, relying on scripts, too many slides and extensive preparation.
Annette helped me make a fundamental change to the way I was preparing.  She gave me incredible feedback on content, emphasized how less is more effective and introduced me to incredibly useful tools like run sheets and ‘resource’ anchors.

As a result of her coaching, when I experienced last minute technical glitches with my projector, it didn’t phase me at all.  I not only gave my presentation, but got rave reviews.

When I shared that I was planning an encore presentation, but hadn’t decided whether to do it by webinar or in person, a participant told me “Absolutely do it in person, you have such presence!”
If you’re looking to build your business, and your profile as an expert, I’d highly recommend working with Annette.  She’s the real deal.  Her coaching will bring out the best in you and have you presenting with ease and confidence in no time!
Anne Melnyk , Business & Marketing Communications Consultant and Coach www.AnneMelnyk.ca

Melody Granger“In the past, I’ve had severe moments of stage fright which included rising anxiety, sweating, doubting myself and even thinking of ways to get out of my commitment to speak! Thankfully, the anxiety would disappear once I made it through the first couple of minutes. Another HUGE issue for me was over-delivering information and not keeping my content within a time limit. I also rarely ever used a presentation more than once.

During my session with Annette, I learned a cool trick to reduce my anxiety AND how to structure my talks in a way where I am delivering consumable information to my audience without overwhelming them; and using my best stories to drive home a point.   Annette also taught me a trick to tweak one main presentation to appeal to different audiences.

With several speaking engagements booked next month and more requests rolling in, I now feel SO much more at ease and confident about helping my audience move forward in their business and life through my speaking.

I can hardly wait for my next speaking engagement!

Annette Lynch is an expert who has obviously walked her talk, and she has a gift to teach strategic speaking skills. I would recommend Annette to business owners who want to leverage speaking opportunities to help more people and simultaneously grow their business with ideal clients.

Melody Granger, The Well Organized Entrepeneur, www.MelodyGranger.com


katearnold“After the first few minutes of my session with Annette, I knew I had chosen the right person to help me hone my speaking skills. She immediately put me at ease and allowed me to stop questioning myself.

Though I’m a fairly seasoned public speaker, I’ve not had the confidence that I was as effective in reaching my audience as I knew I could be. I never really had a vision of how to present, I was always winging it while speaking from the heart.

Knowing how to speak spontaneously is great, but with Annette’s help, I now have a clear plan and structure for my speaking that allows me to deliver my message with much more clarity and connection to my listeners than I have previously experienced.

I would highly recommend anyone to work with Annette whether you are brand new in the spotlight or if you are looking to polish your speaking and raise your skills to a higher, more confident, more effective level. She has a real gift. Thank you, Annette!

Kate Arnold. Certified Hand Analyst and Recovery Specialist, Money Breakthrough Method Coach (TM) www.HandWisdom.com


JessicaMcCleskey“Before working with Annette, I felt overwhelmed with giving a talk.  I was a mess!  I felt I struggled to keep things within a time frame and feel confident with my message.  Often, I was the lady with the jitters!  During coaching, Annette attacked this head on.

I mean, how often is it that we are able to have a confidential conversation focused solely on our presentation skills?!  Very rare. 

So, I found that by simply talking over my issues,  it took away their power.  She taught me how to bring out my personality, how to redirect questions from the crowd gracefully, how to center myself, and reminded my of the bigger picture.  Also, she was very helpful with structuring my talk.  Now, I am so thrilled when I give talks!  I exude confidence and feel very present.  I would recommend Annette to anyone who is looking to have fun when speaking in public, but also achieve an anchoring sensation of the bigger picture.  Thank you, Annette!”

Jessica McCleskey Hood, Holistic Health Coach, http://www.loveyourbodylikeagoddess.com/


jenn-oval-smallFrom the moment I met Annette, I knew she could help me!  She is brilliant at supporting me to be more comfortable in front of the camera.   She says what needs to be said,  in a matter of fact way,  with no judgment, and I just love that. In seconds,  she helped me go from feeling awkward to super comfortable…just amazing…and at my next speaking event, I was able to use the tools she shared to be totally relaxed and focused. Now that is empowering!! She is a total rock star and will help you feel like one too! :–)”

Jennifer Johnson, Coach of the Feminine Soul, www.TheJenniferJohnson.com


Speaker TrainingThe Annette Lynch Speaker coaching webinar was affirming for me that essential components of my presentation were present and really helped with the motivation and to project the right intent for my delivery. I had never spoken in public before outside organizations and family events, so I find myself thankful to all that were able to help with the confidence and ease to deliver what my inner expert had to say.

It’s opened up the possibility- well more than that- I’ll be much more likely to plan public speaking events and be on the front end in future.  Thank you.
Alicia Malcolm, Health & Performance Entrepreneur, Yoga Sports Medicine.


When I first went to a BNI networking function and they told me I had to get on a stage and speak for 30 seconds about me, I really did not want to do it. I was shaking and nervous and did not know what to say.

I joined BNI and I also signed up for Annette’s workshops. I knew I needed to improve my communication and presentation skills if I was going to be able to sell my business concept and myself.
Annette gave me tools and techniques to not only calm my nerves, but that allowed me to feel like I belonged in front of a group, speaking to them – that I had something to say. I even started having fun.

I recently had to give a 10 minute presentation that I was initially terrified to do. Annette worked with me personally to go through my talk and made some small adjustments to my intro and parts throughout that helped me convey my message in a more engaging way. It worked. Everyone raved about my presentation and how they now had a clear idea of what I do and why.

Annette has been so instrumental in helping me move forward with my dreams and aspirations. She is always positive and on point with advice and pointers to help insure that I am conveying the exact message I need to get out at every moment! She is a valuable resource and I will definitely be recommending her to my friends and colleagues in the future!
Wendy Macaheleg, Home Equations


My beautiful friend is Unstoppable !    Annette is to me one of those rare beings who challenge you to be the best you can be, seeing what is in you, reminding you, it is the best for ALL…to do your best…
Annette WON’T let you stop inside yourself until you are comfortable, also surprising and enjoying yourself !
My testimonial is our friendship, but having done several workshops with Annette (as an assistant, then unwilling participant) I became a willing participant, learned so much, and had so much fun!
I have remembered much of myself and regained self confidence on many levels.   I have more self confidence coming from the heart…    Thank you Annette,
Sherry Lambert, Island Hunny Designs, www.islandhunny.com


“Before working with Annette, I lacked clarity around my core message as a speaker.  Annette quickly focused upon my core strengths and passions and immediately I got off the phone, I began streamlining and restructuring my website to align with my core message.

I would highly recommend this coaching to anyone who wants to get clarity, direction and action steps around their speaking.”

Kimberley Lovell, Soul Purpose Coach & Intuitive Business Mentor. www.KimberleyLovell.com


“I wanted to step out of my conditioning around speaking to large audiences so I could speak more freely as myself.  During my session with Annette, I integrated the part of me that trusts and celebrates my authentic voice and I learned a way to disable the conditions should they emerge again.

I now feel more confident that my speaking will be more fulfilling and impactful going forward.   I would recommend this coaching to people who want practical help with speaking.

Triona Gleeson, Leadership Coach www.trionagleeson.com


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