What I don’t know can hurt me

I was watching Dr Oz last week, during my time-out from work, having lunch.  There was a lady talking about her eye problems that she had had for 20 years but refused to go to an eye doctor.  She preferred not to know what her problem was, than find out that it was serious.  Instead oMan-With-Questionf facing the problem and finding the solution, she would rather not know.

I just don’t see the logic in that.  It might even seem absurb to you when it comes to a physical ailment, but think about it – What area in YOUR life are you choosing ‘not to know’ or to bury your head in the sand?

What area in your life are you avoiding being brutally honest about the depth of the problem?

I was speaking at a workshop last week on change and money habits, and we had some great conversations about what challenges people were facing, and what needed to change.  In order to get better results in your life, you do need to know what’s NOT working or what’s not helping you?

What’s interesting is when someone knows they have a bad habit, but then they play it down.  “Oh, it’s not that bad.”  They might even try to convince themselves, that it’s not even a problem, or they might try and switch the subject.  This can be a natural thing because the person is defending the ego.  The ego doesn’t like to ‘be bad’ or ‘be wrong’, and so it can be tough being brutally honest.

It can be tough to take responsibility and say “I’m having these problems as a result of me and what I am doing, or saying, or thinking.”  And GUESS WHAT.  What’s even tougher, is holding onto these problems or challenges.

Seeking out and admitting to these problems, owning them, is the first step towards a solution.  Owning them gives YOU the PERSONAL POWER to do something about it.  Rather than being confronting, it can be LIBERATING.

It is said that if you don’t pay attention, you pay with pain. What do you need to pay greater attention to?  Your health?  Your people or communicating habits?  Your money habits?

Did you know that some people would prefer not to know about money?  I was speaking to a lady last week and she was talking about a new job opportunity.  She mentioned that she didn’t know what the pay was, as she hated to talk about it.  How successful do you think she is going to be negotiating to have the pay she truly desires or is worth?

I know another person that was avoiding completing her financial spreadsheet.  What you don’t know can’t hurt you!  Well, it can, and it does.  In ways you don’t even realise.

I will be talking about money habits in an all new telecall entitled “3 Ways your Relationship with Money is hurting you!”  I’m really excited about this call as it looks at the sabotaging behaviours that hold people back from moving forward financially.  You might be surprised at what habits you have.

It’s time to stop digging your head in the sand and finding out what it is you don’t know.

Please share with me what you think of this post.  Did you find it helpful?