What Inspires?

Speaking to groups is the best way to get your message, you business and your services out to more more people.  It’s not not enough to have an audience, you now need to capture and hold their attention, you need to inspire them.Motivation-Crowd

When you inspire, you help your audience members to make choices or decisions that align with your intention.

Inspire – fill (someone) with the urge or ability to do or feel something…

You can inspire others in a number of ways.

Lead by Example

Often just the way you lead your life can be an inspiration to others.  Lead by example.  They see what you are creating for yourself, and are inspired to create the same for themselves.

Now this might not be too much of a revelation to you.  The reason I point it out, is for you to actually appreciate it. If you are someone who feel a purpose or drive to inspire others in your life, and then wonder what are you meant to say – just know that you could be inspiring someone today without even realizing it.

When you walk the talk, you speak with greater ownership of your material and your words have greater impact – you inspire!

Tell Stories

Stories are a great way to inspire someone through tapping into their imagination.  Stories can be as simple or as elaborate as you wan them to be.  You can tell personal stories; stories of your clients or customers; and then my personal favorite are stories with message – metaphors.

Stories take your listeners on a journey – both your journey and the one they imagine for themselves.

Stories are emotional, and inspiration comes from the heart and emotions – not the mind.

Create a Vision

This one is important.  You want your audience to see what is possible for them and within reach (easy or not).  You create a vision and you instill belief in your listener(s).  That can be the greatest gift you give anybody.

When growing up, did anyone nurture your dreams and truly believe in you?  I hope so.  If not your parents, perhaps a favorite aunt and uncle.  Think back, and consider what a difference that made to your determination to go after what you wanted.

If you didn’t get the support and encouragement I’m talking about above, what would it have been like if you did?

That’s what you can create for your audience and inspire them to make changes that transforms their lives.

That’s what I want for you.  To be inspiring as a speaker so you can reach more people and make the difference you desire, building your own business in the process.