What is getting in the way of YOUR results?

Most people I know like to succeed and to achieve goals and get the results that they want.  Despite good intention, something gets in the way and stops them fully achieving all they want.

I’ve put together the most common reasons why people might fail.  Now I use the word ‘fail’ lightly, as I don’t think anyone can fail unless they give up.  Everyone is succeeding in getting results every day, every moment – it’s whether those results match up to desires and expectations that make a difference.

Of these 5 reasons, 4 are ‘lacks’ – something the person is missing, and the final reason is something that they do have – and it’s getting in the way.

5 reasons why people don’t achieve goals are:

  1. Lack of focus and persistence – people who keep moving on to the next great thing are challenged to ever get beyond the ground level in anything. It is not always easy to stay focused as there are plenty of opportunities around, and when you are not getting immediate results in your chosen path, it can be easy to be swayed to another.
  2. Lack of clarity and purpose– without clarity, it is difficult to focus and to take action. When goals do not tie into a larger purpose, it can be difficult to stay motivated.  Your purpose, or your  “WHY” will keep you going, to do the things that other people won’t.   Purpose provides a solid foundation for your goals and planning.
  3. Lack of strategy – a strategy provides an efficient process to move forward. You need a strategy for managing day to day tasks as well as, for achieving quarterly and yearly goals.  Without strategy, you find yourself doing more work for less results.
  4. Lack of assistance – people think that they can or have to do it alone. Everyone who has succeeded has done it with a team, whether with business partners, outsourcing, joint ventures and/or coaches and mentors.  Who is on your team?
  5. Limitations and blockages in thought that sabotage results – someone could be taking all the right actions, and be focused and still fail due to limiting thoughts of self-doubt, fear, shame, low self-esteem and more.

You are not even aware of these thoughts, consciously, and they affect your success. It can be very difficult to discover these limitations by yourself.  You can, but when you are caught up in your way of doing things – you accept them as being the only way to do it.

Much like a fish who is not even aware that it swims in water, we are not aware of the reality we have created for ourselves.

My greatest satisfaction working with people is unlayering another limiting belief or internal conflict that has been holding them back.  Discovery of the limitation makes it easy to release and opens a person up to a new way of looking at things.  Once you let go, you can’t go back to seeing things in that ‘old’ way again.

Coaching will breakthrough blocks and limiting thoughts and replace them with empowering beliefs and attitudes that propel you to success.  Find out what results you are missing out on, by holding onto fears and limiting beliefs.

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  1. Another idea of why people fail is they may not be doing something for the right reason; which also may contribute to the other reasons for failure. I think back on all the times I approached an opportunity with the wrong focus or because it was something someone convinced me I need to do. I don’t think one ever worked out, and on some bad advice I’m still paying the cost.

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