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There are tons of speakers, coaches and consultants competing for the same business, speaking on the same broad topics.  How do you stand out so that you attract speaking gigs and clients?

It comes down to your unique selling point – what makes you different?  What do you provide that nobody else will.SignatureMotivationalSpeaking

Let’s look at ways that you can stamp your signature in speaking.

Your unique story – what experiences give you a unique perspective on your topic.  You could be a motivational speaker like me, but whereas I speak from a perspective of achieving an Olympic dream, your perspective might be of overcoming some adversity, or some other remarkable achievement.

You can have a over-arching story, and then use lots of anecdotes to illustrate various points of your talk.

Your unique message what is the main message you want to communicate?  In working with my speaking clients, I find they might have a whole library of talks that they can give.  It makes it confusing for someone to hire them.  It becomes easier when you become the go-to person for a particular message that you totally own.  That’s not to say you can’t have more than one topic – what I suggest is having an overarching theme that is your signature message.  This can then break down into sub-topics and even have slight variations to cater to different audiences.

Two people could be talking about goals and goal setting, and one speaker might be focused on the details of how to write and vision the goals, and another speaker might focus on types of goals and attaching them to purpose and vision.

What do you stand for?  What overarching message do you want people to get?

Your unique stylestand out as a speaker by infusing your own style.  That could be entertaining and/or funny; motivational; inspirational; using lots of stories; interactive with audience including games or activities; and any combination of these and more.

I just put together a new demo-video of my speaking to illustrate how and what I speak about.  If you watch it on my speaker page, you will notice I use analogies from volleyball and from sport that relate to business success.  That’s my signature that comes through in my title, my story, my message and my style of speaking.

And there is always room for improvement.  I’m looking at how I can make my talks even more interactive, using props to create a memorable talk.

If you want raving fans, you want to be memorable and bring something unique.  If you are talking about leadership, goals or sales (popular subjects) then you want to demonstrate that you have something special to share with the audience.  Your results and ability to excel in your chosen subject may be enough.

What ever you do, own your expertise on your subject and then infuse it with your signature.  What makes you unique?  Please share below.

Want help developing your signature message, story and style.  Contact me for a 30 minute Strategy Session today.

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  1. Thank you for this information. You are spot on with every point.


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