Where there is a will….

Sometimes the difference between success and failure is the level of commitment to doing what it takes to achieve goals.  This can separate the people who take information and learnings and go on to create wealth and success, and the people that are hoping for the course they just invested in will work for them, that this time it will make a difference.

There are 5 key attitudes to having a champion mind and C is for commitment.  It takes commitment to succeed.  Commitment to a goal, to a vision, and even in the day to day tasks – commitment to doing what it takes to complete projects.  Even something simple like writing a blog post  requires commitment to start and to stay focused to get it done.

My first national volleyball coach taught me a lot on the charachter and attitude it takes to succeed.  He would share the teachings of Coach John Wooden and his Pyramid of Success. This had greater impact on me than any of the physical skills he taught me.

There were many more gifted players as I progressed through the ranks of indoor and beach volleyball but they didn’t have the commitment to do the work that it took to go to the next level.

I saw many players that when it got a little hard or challenging, it was then time to quit.

There is no EASY road to success.  I see and talk to people that attend seminars and have coaching – and they want the success now.  They hear the message that they just have to change their thoughts, and the success will come.  They want to enjoy the freedom and lifestyle of a multi-millionaire now while they are still having to earn their first 6 figure income.

YES, you do have to change your thoughts to succeed.  It’s the number 1 way I work with clients through coaching or teaching- change your attitude, change your beliefs and self-worth, change your focus.

YES, you can accelerate your results and start to succeed now.

YES, the road can be easier than if you didn’t change.

AND, you need to take action and do the things that unsuccessful people do not want to do.

It might mean working some longer hours in the beginning.  It might mean foregoing luxuries and some lifestyle choices now, so that you can in fact enjoy it later.  It means put in a savings plan – that takes commitment.

You can’t help but succeed when you commit to your success.  You keep finding a way until you do.

Note, that commitment does not being stubborn and sticking to a set path, no matter what.  The reason why you are committed is the end goal, your vision.  It takes behavioral flexibility to go with the flow to reach that goal.

If you want help with your commitment and reaching your goals then contact me for a f.re.e consultation – a 30min Results Discovery Session to see how having someone on your team can help your commitment and resolve to succeed.

“Success is peace of mind which is direct result of satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do the best of which you are capable.” John Wooden

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  1. This is definitely something I need to continually be reminded of.. I can’t be LAZY!!

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