Who are you Modelling?

Did you know that your habits, your language, your abilities are shaped by the people around you.  Role modeling is a natural process done unconsciously from the moment you were born.  Just the other day I realised that I was changing my habits because of my new home environment, even the way I talk!

As I settle more and more into living in Hawaii, USA, I note how easily my accent has changed.  It’s as much a necessity – to be able to be understood, especially with any words that have an ‘r’.  I realised that I am naturally ‘modelling’ those around me in the way of speaking – much like a child learns to speak. 

We learn everything—walking, talking, driving, sport and even handling money—by observing and doing what others did, usually our parents.  You may even find yourself doing things now and realise, perhaps even with shock, that you have become just like your mother/father.

This modelling process continues as you get older, though to a lesser extent – but think about the people you are hanging around now.  Are you modelling them without realising it?

Who have you modelled with regards to money – how you make it, how you spend it, how you save it?  Do have a good model to go on.

Just as it’s easy for me to pick up an American accent, it can be easy to pick up good financial habits hanging around people with good financial habits.  Imagine the habits you might pick up hanging around wealthy people?  Or surrounding yourself with a philanthropic community?

Even the language and terminology you use is governed by the people you hang around with.  When I started studying personal development and neuro-linguistic programming in greater depth, I learnt a whole new language that is common to the personal development community.

What is your financial vocabulary like?  It might help to start reading different magazines to get acquainted with investing and financial planning terminology, as an example.  This is important if you want to create success in any area – you need to speak the language and you need to immerse yourself so that you can model people that already have the skills you want.

It is said that your network is your net worth.  You can expand your abilities and your knowledge by hanging around people that have created the success that you desire.  If you want to create wealth, then find some wealthy people to connect with.  If you want to achieve a specific goal, can you hang around people that have achieved that before you?

Make active choices with how you want to spend your time and with whom.  Who do you want to model?