Whether you own hundreds of pairs or just a few pairs of shoes, you need a storage solution for them to keep your shoes organized. Unlike clothing that automatically has a spot in the closet, shoes can be difficult to store, especially if your space does not come with adequate shoe storage. However, you can use simple hacks to store extra shoes these steps:

Shoe Organizer

There are dedicated shoe organizers designed to accommodate shoes as their sole purpose. Usually, they are made from plastic, artificial wood, or softwoods partitioned into smaller storage spaces. Each compartment easily fits a pair or two. You can also use shoe organizers to store bags and purses. You need enough space to place a shoe organizer in your room, but it is worth the area used up as they are visually appealing and elevate the room instantly.

Wooden Shoe Racks

These are a more common solution for shoe storage. Shoe racks are shelving dedicated to the storage of shoes. You can get them in different colors, sizes, and materials. Wood is common and the most preferred choice because of its durability. An added advantage of wooden racks is that you can easily shift them from one room to another as per your needs. They also accommodate many pairs of shoes at a go.

Shoe Folio

It is a discreet cabinet storage solution for shoes. When closed, you can easily confuse it for an everyday cabinet or storage for clothes and other random items. However, inside the cabinet are multiple folio compartments that can accommodate a large number of shoes. It would be best if you used a shoe folio to store clean shoes to avoid dirt getting stuck between the levels as it is difficult to clean.

Pocket Shoe Organizer

A pocket shoe organizer is a clear foldable organizer usually hung behind doors for storing shoes. It is a suitable choice if you have limited space but still want organization in your home. The organizer has many separate compartments, each of which fits a pair maximum. You can find them easily online at affordable prices. Be careful when handling this type of organizer as they are prone to wear and tear.

Storage Ottoman

Ottomans now come with hidden storage underneath that help stash away items discreetly. You can use your bedroom ottoman for your shoes and leave your room looking clean and uncluttered. It is a good storage solution for pairs of shoes that you do not wear often. 

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